This information is very important for Mac practices wishing to purchase new hardware.

If you purchase an Intel-based Mac

If you are able to purchase an Intel-based Mac that can still be downgraded to MacOS 10.14 Mojave, we strongly recommend that you do so since MacOS Mojave is the last MacOS operating system to have support for both 32bit and 64bit applications. Not all Intel-based Macs can be downgraded, please consult your IT support person or DoctorWare Support if unsure.

If you have purchased a new or recent (2020/2021 release) Mac computer, unfortunately downgrading the operating system to MacOS 10.14 Mojave is not an option, as downgrading is limited by the operating system the Mac computer has shipped with. For instance, if your Mac computer came with Big Sur out of the box, you will not be able to downgrade it.


In the interim, you can purchase and install a virtualisation programme such as Parallels for Mac* or VMWare Fusion** on the Catalina / Big Sur computer, then run SmartRooms on MacOS 10.14 in that virtual machine. Please consult your IT support person or SupportWare for IT advice if unsure.

For Apple M1 / Silicon chip computers

M1 / Apple Silicon chip computers will not be suitable for purchase at this time until the official release of SmartRooms Version 18, our first 64-bit compatible version. 

Additionally, you may wish to consider other programmes you do run on your computer, such as applications for downloading pathology / radiology results from labs such as Fetch for Melbourne Pathology or Inteleviewer for i-Med Radiology, secure messaging software such as Argus or Healthlink, and transcription/dictation software such as Olympus DSS Player for Mac.

Unfortunately, even the interim solution of using virtualisation programmes mentioned for Intel-based Macs that cannot be downgraded to Mojave will not work. This is because of the virtualisation programmes are limited by the chipset architecture of the host computer.

Apple Silicon-based Mac computers can only run similar Apple Silicon / ARM-based operating systems. This limits any new Apple M1 computers to only running ARM or M1-only operating systems like Big Sur... not even Catalina.