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Remote Support App Download

If directed by your support agent, please download the appropriate remote support tool for your computer from the list below.

As of May 2024, DoctorWare is using RustDesk.
Any Splashtop SOS or Teamviewer installations previously used for SmartRooms remote support can be uninstalled or deleted.


Download for:

If your Mac older (i.e. MacOS Sierra or High Sierra), please go to the "Pre-Mojave Macs" tab above instead.

How to tell what processor your Mac computer has?

1. Click on the Apple icon in the top-left corner of your screen

2. Click on About This Mac

3. Check the line labelled Processor or Chip.

Permissions needed on Mac

Mac operating systems require you to configure additional permissions before we can provide remote support using the app.

  1. In the pink area on RustDesk, click on [Configure].

  2. This should open your System Preferences, directly to the section Privacy & Security.

  3. RustDesk should be in the list of applications shown.

  4. If you have a padlock in the lower left corner of the window, click on it to allow changes.

  5. Click on the toggle for RustDesk so that it turns blue.

  6. Repeat until RustDesk is allowed permissions for:

    • Accessibility

    • Screen Recording (only in current macOS versions)

RustDesk - Mac Permissions.png
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